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DORA jewelry (Pandora beads) derived from Greek mythology. Prometheus (Prometheus) stole the carried itwith him to the earth from the sky. Zeus (Zeus) in retaliation for Prometheus ordered Hephaestus (Hephaestus) create a woman Pandora (Pandora) and let the gods generosity to make Pandora can easily tempted to mortals. Intelligence goddess Athena (officer) and give the Pandora colorful costumes love love fu Luo Dai (Aphrodite) is endowed with Pandora beauty. Glamour goddess who gave hephaestus to create a necklace to the Pandora. Zeus gave to Pandora a box but no she opened and then sent her to the earth. In the creation of Pandora she is endowed with curiosity. So could not withstand the temptation to open the box. When she looked into the box and all human suffering since disease devil escaped from the box. The box is only hope and opportunity. Then Pandora jewelry also represents luck and hope. Many big Hollywood today Catherine Zeta - Jones Jennifer Aniston fashion designer Donna Karan Diane von Furstenberg has its own special Pandora jewelry such as one of the most popular is the bracelet. The most unique local Pandora bracelet is each different. Eyebrow in the United States who can even combination according to his be fond of all kinds of beads gems and hang drop. Can also list of every stripe to match clothes. Pandora bracelets are usually three groups of the same combination order of beads together. Have certain space can slide beads on the bracelet also will be a little scroll with the movement of the wrist let beauty attract countless eyes between gestures. Because is can adjust the design itself so you can according to the stand or fall of mood change at any time. So that is not tight can let oneself mood relax but also still beautiful. Pandora bracelets Pandora bracelet charms) design it is almost always in a chain the charm can be easily installed. It is also a scale advantage they can easily add or remove a link or two completely adapt to your wrist. From any local measures every aspect of 7 to 13 mm

DORA (Pandora Greek: ?? alpha argument the delta? Rho alpha; also translation Pandora) is god in Greek mythology the was made of clay or Zeus the first woman on the ground as a punishment for Prometheus stealing fire gave humans the first woman. Also joined the gods to make her more attractive charm. Pandora's myth goes back to ancient times in different versions and interpretations from different angles. However in all the literature version this myth as a natural theology in order to explain the existence of evil in the world. In short Pandora is a beauty full of temptation and full of mysterious charm. In ancient Greek pan is all meaning DORA is a gift is the will of the gods by Zeus made with wisdom and beautiful appearance of the perfect woman. Now (charmilia Pandora beads) used to it with no more things. Later gold pandora charms, with jewelry pandora charms, Pandora has become a kind of mysterious the floorboard of the unique charm of jewelry. In general Pandora jewelry is mainly refers to with the big hole beads chain accessories made of very thick more individual character the feeling of primitive with national style. Pandora beads are handmade fine sterling 925 silver beads with sterling silver tube combination and become synthesis of Pandora beads. It light and shadow effect is very good thickness and color of the refraction of light from different angles can present a stereo vision effect; Give a person a kind of quiet peaceful inner feelings; Appreciate coloured glaze "breathing" from natural beauty. Present a clear transparent textures different color combination of coloured glaze work through the flow of color convey the language of the creator.

Fashion experts Garance Dore eanann Williams Monica Rose Alessandra Codinha and Julia von Boehm attend PANDORA real women spring and summer campaign in 2013. Every women can take advantage of the new collection to create their own PANDORA bracelet reflect individual grade and good memory. PANDORA charm to wear them in sterling silver gold pandora charms, 14 k jewellery leather or textiles PANDORA bracelet create your unique expression. View all leather tags PANDORA bracelet gold silver fabric hanging contains more than 600 sterling silver 14 k gold and act the role of double color for your choice you will find the accessories for your special occasion. Look at all the charm of gold silver glass enamels Pave hawks earring sterling silver 14 k gold double color and a lot of beautiful jewels is PANDORA earrings constituent elements. The ring and pendant collocation are together to create appropriate accessories for various occasions. Check all the latest popular earrings gold silver necklace with pendant PANDORA necklace and pendant with a variety of materials and design. With sterling silver 14 k gold and double color necklace and add flash pendant to express your personal style. View all silver pendant necklace and pendant gold without PANDORA pendant ring ring will beautiful jewels and precious metals and wonderful design together. Express your common wish

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